Black Friday Car Battery Deals & Coupons

A vehicle has many essential components and the battery is one of these. Car batteries start up the starter motor so the engine will start. They also provide power to the ignition, on-board computers, lighting and other applications when the engine is turned off. If you are looking to invest in a new car battery, Black Friday is the perfect time to score a deal or coupon!

A car’s battery is like a human heart, as it continually pushes a stable flow to keep your car alive. A car cannot run with a depleted car battery. Car batteries are pushed to work harder during winter and freezing temperatures to keep the same energy and heat. This explains why vehicles usually stop for a couple of days after being exposed to chilly weather.

There are several ways that your car’s battery can be depleted. One of these is accidentally leaving the lights of your vehicle or forgetting to turn off any electrical accessory. Another is when your battery has reached its life span. Having add-ons like a speaker system can also exhaust your battery.

Choosing the appropriate battery replacement is crucial. You need to go through the manual to know the precise battery type for your vehicle. It is vital that you purchase the right size of battery with the correct cold cranking amps (CCA) rating. Your vehicle will not start in the winter if it has insufficient amps. You also need to choose one that has adequate reserve power, so it can set your vehicle provisionally in case your alternator stops working.

5 Types of Car Batteries

Wet Auto Batteries. These types of batteries are very popular because it is affordable. The plates are freely perched in a container of battery acid, while fastened in a small separator bag is the negative plate. The battery fluid can last until the battery is depleted. They do not require upkeep and do not need gas replacement because they are sealed.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries. These types of automotive batteries have pressure vessels where adequate pressure is obtained, compelling the gases generated by the battery to re-fuse into fluid, resulting in minimal loss of fluid. The pressure vessels are fastened with safety valves. VRLA batteries come in two designs:

  • AGM batteries utilize thin absorbed glass matts, which maintains a very low interior resistance. It gives you plenty of power with a very small amount of fluid, making them ideal as a starter battery. AGM batteries, according to car battery manufacturers, are safer. However, they are more expensive than the reliable traditional batteries. If the design of your vehicle makes it difficult to look for a suitable battery, it is recommended to purchase a top-performing AGM battery.
  • GEL batteries utilize silicon, so the acid will become firmer and like a gel. It is superior, but is not ideal when starting a vehicle.

Calcium-Calcium Auto Batteries. The various charged plates of these types of car batteries contain calcium alloy, reducing loss of fluid and slowing down the self-discharge rate. However, the battery can get severely damaged if it was overcharged. Blending the various acid densities are the bubbles that shift through the fluid.

Lithium Ion Battery.These types of auto batteries are very expensive and are mainly used by electric vehicles. They are super light, making a vehicle to be fuel efficient. This battery type is offered by limited edition or a few high performing vehicles. The 2010 Porsche 911 uses this battery type for starting the vehicle.

To ensure the top performance of car batteries, they must be given extra care, regardless if they are maintenance-free or need a little upkeep. Auto batteries should have ample insulation to maintain its fluid at the correct temperature.

Car batteries come in different sizes. Getting the wrong size will not give you adequate power or may not fit steadily.

  • Size 65 – Top Terminal suits big vehicles from Mercury or Ford
  • Size 75 – Side Terminal suits compact and medium-sized cars from General Motors and some Chrysler vehicles
  • Size 24/4F – Top Terminal suits vehicles from Toyota, Nissin, Lexus, Infiniti, Honda and Acura
  • Size 34/78 – Dual Terminal suits big vehicles from Chrysler, 1996-2000 General Motors SUVs, medium and big-sized sedans and pickups
  • Size 35 – Top Terminal suits Japanese cars, particularly Toyotas, Nissans, Subarus and the new Honda models

Knowing the best brands and proper battery maintenance can save you on frequent battery changes. Here are some of Amazon’s best Black Friday deals for 2014 on car batteries:

  1. Kirkland Signature Car Batteries

A very excellent car battery, Kirkland Signature has superb amp ratings and performance. These batteries work well even in extreme cold temperature so you do not need to worry that your car will stop. It is quite expensive and is only available at Costco. A full refund is given if the battery fails regardless of the cause.

  1. EverStart Car Batteries

EverStart is produced by a company that is known to produce premium brands of car batteries. This brand of car batteries performs extremely well and is reasonably priced. Their amp ratings are ideal for severe weather conditions and are still at their best even at very low temperatures. EverStart batteries are not complex, making them easy to use and do not require much maintenance. These can be bought at Walmart.

  1. AC Delco Car Batteries

AC Delco is another quality, high-performing brand of car batteries. These batteries are long enduring because of the moderately big reservoir and the free of oxidation terminals. AC Delco car batteries are available at Batterysales and Mycertifiedservice at very affordable prices. However, these batteries have a limited warranty.

  1. Duralast Car Batteries

JC Controls, Inc. is the maker of Duralast car batteries, which is marketed by AutoZone. These inexpensive batteries have more than 800 cold cranking amps that can start any vehicles, even at sub-zero temperatures, making it at par with other high quality batteries. Duralast car batteries are maintenance-free and have a big reserve.

  1. DieHard Car Batteries

DieHard premium car batteries are manufactured by the same company that produces Duralast batteries. They are durable, but are not long-lasting. DieHard batteries are available at Sears. The other line of DieHard auto parts are: battery chargers, battery boosters and non-automotive vehicle batteries.

Check the stores that sell these car batteries, particularly on Black Friday, where there are several price cuts.

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